2 rings!

Even if i adore jewellery, i don't use to wear rings. Actually i've got only 5! Althought i really like the two of them  that i bought lately and i was thinking to wear them together! I'm not sure! Maybe it's too much! What is your opinion???


  1. thanks so much for your comment. And of course I will follow you...your blog is so prettty :) Check my blog out later on today....New post coming! XX

  2. Oh my I love the heart ring... The sheep is cute too but, the heart is my favorite

  3. teleio to provataki!!!
    egw pali foraw tin arta kai ta giannena!opote lew na ta valeis!!!!

  4. NO it would not be too much! wear them together!! I LOVEEE rings and these are so beautiful and unique.

    love your blog header :)

    <33 v

  5. να τα βαλεις εννοειται! ειναι πολυ ομορφα και τα δυο..!

  6. I love the rings but wear them together is too much.

    P.S - Check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other

  7. emena mou fenode mia xara mazi...ine poli glikoulika ke ta dio opote teriazoun....na ta foras...na ta foras...

  8. Hello Sofi!!! Thanks a lot for your comment...
    Your rings are very beautiful!!!

    Have a nice day...

  9. Oh, such cute little rings!
    I think the sheep one is just absolutely adorable...I'm going to come and steal it from you hehe!

    I actually don't have any rings, so you are very lucky to have FIVE! I want to see your other ones! I don't believe I have seen them before...?

    And as for putting the rings together, I would for sure! I think they are the perfect mix of whimsy together.

  10. Hi, thanks for trying. If you can't fo it through Bloglovin' you can follow me through Google, just click follow on the navbar.

    Anyway, I'm following you


  11. εννοειται και τα 2 μαζί...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. those are so cute! i think you could wear them together, but perhaps not on the same hand...

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. Σας ευχαριστώ όλους πολύ για τα σχόλια σας! Οι γνώμες ήταν πολλές και διάφορες, αλλά η πλειοψηφία κερδίζει, οπότε τελικά θα τα φοράω μαζί(άλλο που δεν ήθελα και εγώ δηλαδή, χαχαχαχα)!

  14. einai gluka kai ta duo! ennoeitai mazi!!!


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