Those Christmasy things that make me happy

>>Recieving cards like this<<
 >>Finally found the perfect natural lipstick<<
Isn't it going perfect with the green girland and my copper hair?
 >>When a matchbox makes you smille<<
A great gift by Fairy Cherry
 >>Christmasy home details<<
>>Christmas is all about tea and food with friends<<
>>Presents under the tree<<
The more, the better and this year Santa was really generous! Or should i say my secret Santas?
So what's your Christmasy little things that make you happy?
Can't wait to see your comments! 
Have a very happy new year everyone!

Men's gift guide - made in Greece

Christmas are on the way, and i've already started making my gift lists. 
This time, i thought of starting with men's gifts, as they are a little bit more difficult, so i make this wonderful gift guide made in Greece. 
So here are my chic, minimal and stylish suggestions: 
men gift guide
1. Made Couture collar
3.Teller backpack
5. Weekly Beings Project planner

Stay tuned for the huge women's gift guide, i've made for us, with the best products made in Greece of course!

Gifts exchange - Santa came earlier this year

gifts exchange
 Hello dear friends how are you?
Yeap this is me while returning from post office yesterday. Feeling like child again and opening all these presents full of love and treasures. 
gifts exchange

Favourite Christmas tutorials + giveaway winner

Hello dear friends! How are you? 
I'm totally in the Christmas mood, so my blog does too. 
Did you noticed that it's snowing on my blog? 
So.. maybe there is no free time cause of the Christmas rush, but i've seen so many wonderful Christmas tutorials around the bogosphere, that i couldn't not to share them with you. 
So here are some of my favourites: 
best christmas tutorials

Baby it's cold outside! Put a Made Couture on you!

Everything started with this pontso. It was love at first sight. 
And this is how i met Made Couture. A brand new company based in Greece, experting in outwear clothing, using luxury materials and handworking perfection. 
 So here are some of my favorite Made Couture creations:

Those little things that make me happy

Hello dear friends! How are you? 
Here i am with those little things that make me sooo happy!
And i'm going to begin with my new X-mas lucky charms. 
Is there something better than listening to Christmas songs and making colorful creations that going to bring luck in every house?!

6 best planners for 2016

2016 planner
 You all know my addiction in planners and notebooks, so it's this time of the year that i'm making a huge research in order to find the best planner for the new year. 
Here i got you my 6 favorite planners for 2016

How to avoid Christmas depression

Hello dear friends! How are you?
Christmas is coming and i'm really excited!
For me Christmas is always the most wonderful time of the year, but unfortunately not everyone is feeling like this. 
How to avoid Christmas depression
 Christmas is all about beautiful moments with friends and family, but when you're single or if you even study/work away of your home, Holidays look really ugly and you feel even more lonelyness.
So here are some beautiful ways to have joyful Holidays, avoiding Christmas depression. 
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