Thursday, September 18, 2014

Old school stripes

September is here. Time for back to school! 
So my new outfit post is inspired by the old school trend. 
All star sneakers, backpack and no make up, are all i need to get the carefree mood of my teens. 

Photos taken by Mak Semers

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Those little things that make me happy

I'm in a really creative mood lately, making the autumn-winter collection. 
Here you can see a sample of my collection. I kept the indie style using those autumn colors that i love so much. 
Btw which is ur favorite a/w color? 

You already know how much i love the hair accessories. This time i'm wearing a new braided headband that i made by myself. 

I recently recieved those amazing paintings. 
The first one is made by a really talented artist, Dimitris Iosif Stamos. 
You can see more of his great artwork here.
The second one is made by a little girl that i met at Santorini, where she bought two of my bracelets and made this painting for me. 
Both of them are making me really happy, so i put them at my bedroom, to make my mood every morning. 

Drinking the best mojito and eating candies. What more to ask from a bar?!

Yeah i love writing. Maybe it's not that obvious as i'm not a full time blogger, but i wish i had more time. 
Here you can read my new article about the new winter trend, that i wrote for provocateur magazine

Wish you all have a great week! 
Hope to see u soon! 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Autumn new goals

Hello dear friends! How are you? 
Hope you had a really fun and relaxing summer time, cause September is here and it's time for new goals. 
January and September are my favorite months cause i really love making new beginnings, setting new goals and writting new lists. 
September came bringing me inspiration, confidence and possitive thoughts. 
So here is my list for the autumn-winter. Which are your goals?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Go black in summertime

When u're somekind of weird, even your closet's colors are "out of season".
What i mean is that most of us have in mind that summer means colorful clothes. 
In contrast i always remember my self in black n white by the summer and in color block by the winter. 
This new stuff in my closet proves it firmly. 

Sandals H&M
High waisted bikini unique vintage
Flatforms arte piedi
Vintage sunglasses and ring 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sale - new in

Hello dear friends! How are you?
I'm really happy cause sale period just started and i'm here to show you my new candies.

1. Denim skirt
2. Lace kimono Regalinas
3. Maxi dress Regalinas
4. Black platforms arte piedi

Cu soon with new pics from that loooong summer that keeps me away from you! 
Till then have a wonderful summer time! 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Atlantis: a special bookstore at Santorini

Recently i had a mini business trip at one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. 
Actually it's the second time that i'm visiting Santorini, but every time keeps surprising me positively. 

So this time i discovered Atlantis. One of the most interesting bookstores i've ever been. 
Atlantis is a very famous bookstore cause of it's rare versions, as also cause most of books are in English and Swedish. 

So whille i was searching the right books, i realized that the owner had convert the bookstore in his own home, as there is a bed in the centre of the room. There is also a small kitchen and a small stair that drives in a beautiful terrace.
I found his idea smart and beautiful, cause there's no better home than what you really love. 

Of course i couldn't leave without buying some books, 
so here are my new babies!

If you're planning a trip at Santorini, i would surelly recommend you to visit Atlantis. 
If not, you can still visit the site:

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world - Insta week