D.I.Y. chevron feather bookmark

Have you ever buy supplies without needing them, just because you liked them? 
It's something that happens really often to me. Sometimes it's just waste of money, but i usually try to make something creative with everything i have. 
Just like this chervon lace. Isn't it adorable? I first bought it to make some bracelets, but since i've many metres, i decided to make some wonderful bookmarks. 

What you'll need: 
16cm chevron lace
1 jump ring
2 terminals
1 feather
gold paint spray

Step 1: Paint the feather as you wish. I avoid to paint the whole feather and tried to keep white the top of the feather. 
Step 2: Put the 2 terminals at the ends of the lace.
Step 3: Hang the feather from the terminal, using your jump ring
That simple!

Hope you enjoy it! I'll be really glad to see yours!

EGST craft planner

Hello dear friends! How are you?
I had a little break from blogging but recently i feel really creative and i want to share that with you, so we'll hopefully meet us more often.
Two days ago i met my fellow etsy sellers from Thessaloniki, to make a wonderful planner to organize our ideas, duties, sales etc.

It was a really creative afternoon, full of stamps, stationery and all that stuff which makes you feel like a little child.
Here is mine! As you see, i've already started writing.

How jealous are you feeling right now??
Thanx ThessalonikiEGST for being such a great team!

Etsy gifts trade

Hello dear friends! How are you?
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time! 
Mine was really busy, but also happy.
I would also like to wish you a very happy new year, full of love and happiness. 
I know it's been a long time since my last post, but i'm here to show you my latest etsy gifts and thank all the designers for those amazing stuff. 
So the Etsy Greek Street Team, made a trade for all the members. 
I might be very lucky to recieve the following handmade items. 

1. That beannie is so soft and cute. I wear it almost daily. 
2. That shawl is soooo warm and adorable. 
3. That watermellon coin purse is always in my bag and make me happy with it's beautiful colors.
4. Last but not least, those crochet slippers, have been a great gift for my sister. 

Thank u Etsy Greek Street Team for making me smile!
Hope you like them as i, and visit all the above shops for unique and beautiful handmade items. 
Hope to see you soon!

Take your style vitamins!

When i see something orange, fruits and vitamins come to my mind. 
Lately i see many orange bags and even if orange had never been favorite color for me, i've changed my mind, since i discovered that trend. 

 The orange bag, believe it or not, is the new tote-safe bag. Here are some reasons why:
-An orange bag gives a color splash in a solid color outfit. 
-The orange bag is all weather. 
- Are you wearing colorful prints? An orange bag is going to take off your outfit (see the photos above).
-Orange goes great with blue, taba, white, pink, purple, beige and many other colors.

How do you feel about that trend? Are you going to follow it? 
Wanna get it a step further? 
Buy my new ethnic style orange statement necklace, for an absolutelly impressive outfit. 
Find it here.
P.s. Don't forget your style vitamins! Put something orange on you!