Marble in wardrobe

Well to be honest, i never thought marble could look so pretty, since i saw that Balenciaga marble collection. It was love at first sight. 
So minimalist, stylish and a wonderful camvas for awesome combinations.
A trend straight through from Sweden which came to stay. 
So all you have to do, is to get inspired from baths and kitchens and make the most wonderful outfits, using marble clothing and copper/gold/pastel colors accesories for a minimal chic outfit which  definitely is not going to pass by. 

Mint & licorice homemade ice tea

 Hello dear friends! How are you?
Hope you have a wonderful summer time! 
Here in Greece, summer is really hot and i'm always looking for a special refreshing tea, besides the usual lemon, green and peach.
So last week i had a briliant idea that i would like to share with you. 
Even from my childhood, licorice candies, were my favorites. They have a very different taste in contrast  with every other candy. Recently i also learned about the health benefits of licorice, so what's best than an ice tea with mint and licorice for those hot days?
 What you'll need:
1,5 littre of water
3 bags of mint tea
5 slices of licorice root (not candies)
Then you just have to boil them for about 3 minutes. Clear the tea from the bags and roots. And finally freeze it as more as better. 
Serve in a high glass with many ice cubes.
Et voila! The absolut summer refreshment.

Cactus trend alert

Cactus for me is the beggining of summertime. 
Every spring i redecorate the whole home trying to make it look more summery, so cactus have always been my good friends who give an exotic green essense and the only plants that i can keep alive.
This summer, cactus are not going to stay just in my living room, but also in my wardrobe, as it's pretty obvious that cactus is a huge summer trend. 
Here is an inspiring collage i made for you with some of my favorite cactus pieces.
So if your vacations are too late, keep calm, buy cactus and feel the summer vibes around you.

Summer little things that make me happy

Hello dear friends! How are you?
Well it's been a long since my last post, but i don't even regret cause i had some really wonderful moments. 
Most of them are very private to blog about, so here are some pics with those summer little things that make me happy. 
Or in other words summer is all about swimming and eating. Never the opposite.


>>homemade food<<
>>aloe vera baby<<
>>Meet the ball<<
Zefxidos square. Greek salad in a baze. Great deco. 
What more to say about that place?