6 best planners for 2016

2016 planner
 You all know my addiction in planners and notebooks, so it's this time of the year that i'm making a huge research in order to find the best planner for the new year. 
Here i got you my 6 favorite planners for 2016

How to avoid Christmas depression

Hello dear friends! How are you?
Christmas is coming and i'm really excited!
For me Christmas is always the most wonderful time of the year, but unfortunately not everyone is feeling like this. 
How to avoid Christmas depression
 Christmas is all about beautiful moments with friends and family, but when you're single or if you even study/work away of your home, Holidays look really ugly and you feel even more lonelyness.
So here are some beautiful ways to have joyful Holidays, avoiding Christmas depression. 

Christmas giveaway - Teller backpack

Hello dear friends! How are you?
I'm on a crazy rush cause Christmas time is coming, and i have sooo many orders, exhibitions and obligations. 
As you may noticed, i was blogging somehow slower lately and that's cause of my workload, but also cause i was preparing a wonderful surprise for you. 
So i'm hosting a Teller backpack Christmas giveaway and i'm really excited!
christmas giveaway
 But first, let me introduce you, the Teller bags. 
Teller is a new brand, based in Greece. 
Teller bags are inspired by street trends and fashion in combination with the personal needs.
They are practical, and really unique in the same time. 
They are using several materials, like canvas, jean fabric, aztec prints wool, studs, even floral embellishments. 
I chose this black backpack as present for you, cause it's the absolut bag for our winter outfits. 

Find Teller bags on Facebook, and don't miss the "People" album, to see the amazing street style pics by the Teller's clients. 

teller backpack
So here are the rules to enter the giveaway. 
Don't forget, the more entries, the more opportunities you'll have to win. 
The giveaway is international and ends by 8/12/2015. 
Good luck everyone!

Christmas presents with craft paper

 Hello dear friends! How are you?
Christmas are on their way and we're all on a crazy hurry. 
I've already started making/buying gifts and i'd like to show you my love about craft paper. 

D.I.Y. triangle stamp

Hello dear friends! Hope you're doing great!
Yesterday i made a triangle stamp. It's a souper easy project, that i wanted to make like always, but never finding the time for. 
So yesterday i finally made the stamp and i'd like to share it with you. 

Winter wishlist made in Greece

Have you ever fall in love with an item? 
This is something that happens to me all the time, and that's cause lately i meet-collaborate with many young Greek designers who make amazing job that i really can't resist.
So i'm trying to find excuses in order to buy those fashion treasures.
Winter is my favorite season, cause i have my birthday on November, and Christmas are on their way, so these are some great reasons to treat my self. 
Here is my winter wishlist made in Greece:
Clutch bag
 It's all Greek on me Clutch bag 

How to afford fashion blogging

After your requirements, this post is dedicated to all those broke girls who love style and fashion and are wondering how to afford fashion blogging. 
how to afford fahion blogging
Posting outfits on regular basis, can be a huge expence. So there are many people out there, who even if they have the style and the knowledge, they don't have enough money to make a successful fashion blog, so here are some tips to follow: 

Persimmon chia smoothie

persimmon chia smoothie
 This is a smoothie full of vitamins, proteins and energy. It's great for autumn time and really yummy. 
Smoothies are great to replace a meal, like breakfast or dinner. I would recommend you to make this persimmon chia smoothie for breakfast cause is going to give you all the energy that you need.

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