Huhu! I just won that blog award and i'm so happy!!! I want to thank Someone Like You so so so so so much!!!
Now i have to list 7 things about my self! Pf.... i don't like to write  about myself! hahaha!
Anyway, so....:
1) I hate my studies
2) I love sweets
3) I want to go on vacations right now
4) I don't have many friends
5) I don't drink coffee 
6) I don't eat chocolate
7) I love driving

Now i would like to give that award to 4  adorable bloggers : 
Magpie girl
Simply Hope
High Street Cardigan
Lorelai's Things


  1. yupiiiiiiiii!!!!!!
    vraveutika!!!!!!!!!!thank u koritsi!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sigxaritiria kai se sena kai sta paidia!!!!!!!!1

  2. Congrats:)))

  3. OMG thank you:**

    This such a big honor.
    Love this:)

    Just posted the dress collection, if you have the time I would really appreciate if you could check it out and tell me your opinion :)

    Lots of hugs and thank you again:)


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