Everyday is Christmas!

Oh! I love postcrossing! I've been a member for 22 days only, and i'm so excited! 
In my hole life i used to collect postcards from every place i visit, so when i discovered Postcrossing, i thought    it was a brilliant idea to exchange postcards with (unkhnown) people from all over the world! 
I've send 5 postcards until now, to Belarus, Finland, Germany, U.S.A., Taiwan and i've recieve from Netherlands and Thailand.
I feel like everyday is Christmas! hahahah!


  1. ooohhh that's so nice! I want to be a member too!:D

  2. oh! that would be great!
    fantazesai na mas klhrwsoun k na antallaxoume metaxu mas!hahahah

  3. Yperoxo project! Mipws mporeis na mou dwseis plirofories gia to pws mporw na summetasxw kai egw?

    pz. molis graftika sto Pen pal project tis katapliktikis kellie, rikse mia matia an se endiaferei



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