Trying my new accesories. Part1.

Trying my new hair accesories, wearing my pijamas in the bathroom. hahaha!
Actually it's the first time that i shop hair accesories, so i would like to know your opinion, which one do you like most???

Unfortunatelly, one more time, there was no memory space in my camera, so part2 is preparing! Stay tuned!


  1. ax ti wraia kokalakiaa!!! ola mou aresoun!! kai to medagion me ton tarando kalo kalo!!!!

  2. Thank you for the sweet, sweet comment! I'm following you now too! Loves these pretty accessories! The stag necklace is amazing!

  3. loving the second necklace!!sooo special!!

    and those hair pieces, i keep buying a lot of them but never wear them, they give my big head a headache!!:)

  4. mmmmmm.... oi epiloges sou einai yperoxes, pshfizw ta hair accesories, einai poly Blair Waldorf! ta filia mou!

  5. I love the bow hair accessory the best looks so cute on you xoxo


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