omg! kitch is in fashion!

Recently i discovered that kitch is in fashion! Maybe it's hard to believe it, but i'm almost sure!
In my town, Thessaloniki, have been many exhibitions about kitch stuff. Parallaxi, a very famous free press magazine had a whole tribute on kitch. Pasta Flora, one of the most popular cafe in Thessaloniki is decorated with kitch toys everywhere. What about etsy? How can a so beautifull site have 2.269 kitch things? Just take a look!

The truth is that i could even wear some of them, just like the glasses!
My opinion is that there are 2 big trends this time. Vintage and color block! Both of them are sooo close to kitch! A fine line separates them! Even the famous designers have been victims of kitch ...


  1. to prwto daxtulidi k auo mr ta mpoukalakia sto disko ta thelwww!

  2. I could wear every single one of these! kitch but cute! polu kalo post :)
    (btw thanks for your comment) :D

  3. These are so adorable!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. i LOVE the vintage style your blog has...I'm already following you sweetheart! :D

  5. kai egw tha forousa ta gialia! wraia einai!!

  6. palia ekraza to kitch,twra to latrevw...arkei na efarmostei se accessories i papoutsia...sta rouxa tha einai ligo asximo..


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