Like marshmallows!

As you allready know, i loooove marshmallows! 
So today is my dad's birthday and marshmallows inspire me for this outfit!
Maybe cause when i was young i used to eat them at parties! hahaha!

top H&M
jacket Rococo
jeans Gerry Weber
Brooches form my new collection

Now i would like to know your opinion : Pastel/Bright colors? What do you prefer?


  1. Eeeps! I love marshmellows, as well! Especially on smores: yummy! :D

    I'm crazy over the little ballerinas on your shirt, too... Did you make it yourself? It's beyond adorable! :D

  2. oh! thank you so much! yes i made them! :)

  3. ούτε παστέλ ούτε έντονα! άσπρο, μαύρο και γκρι!χαχαχα. όχι εντάξει, τα πάντα φοράω, δεν έχω θέμα...

  4. prwta apo ola maresei toso to xrwma twn malliwn sou! deuterwn pou mporw na vrw autes tis uperoxes karfitses?? and third I prefer pastel colors :)

  5. to email mou einai!
    ftiaxneis k kosmhmata meta apo paragelia?

  6. ax wraies karfitses fores,e?bright of course!!

  7. The brooches are great, you definitely did a really good job on them! Love the pastel-y colours of your outfit today.

    x Michelle |

  8. both!!ta latrevw kai ta 2 :-)

    cute brooches

  9. I want those brotches, so cute! Also I prefer pastel colours I think- I was almost going to dye my hair pastel pink recently actually haha (-:


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