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Hello dear readers! How are you?  Hope you had an amazing week!
As you already know i was in Athens for an exhibition, so i couldn't blog as much as i wanted to.
In this post are some pics from my mini trip in Athens and some others, that i took without a reason! Just because i like them!
Street style pics

My new notebook
I'm obsessed with notebooks!
I've at least two in my bag!

 Artistic metro

 Love graffities

 At Bios

 Pari and her beautiful designs!
She is so cute!
 My friends Augi and Nandia

 Love Xenia's style! 
Especially theese shoes!!!!

Euangelia! When she entered in Bios i said wow!
I really admire her style and her designs!

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  1. Teleies fwtografies! Prepei na perases kala stin Athina!

  2. Ήθελα τόσο πολύ να έρθω και ξέχασα τελείως την ημερομηνία....όταν το θυμήθηκα την κυριακή έβρεχε καταρρακτωδώς και δεν βγήκαμε :( Συγνώμη, ελπίζω να πέρασες τέλεια εδώ

  3. dn peirazei kopela mou. oute k egw hmoun tn kuriakh. m etuxe kati k efuga!

  4. sigoura perasate iperoxa!eimai ektos a8inon k dn katafera na er8ro...pos pige i sillogi sou?:D

  5. to bazaar kai olh h diorganwsh htan xalia. toulaxiston oso hmoun ekei, giati th deuterh mera to apogeuma m etuxe kati k efuga.
    parolauta xarhka pou gnwrhsa ola auta ta endiaferonta atoma!

  6. You seem to be having lots of fun <3

  7. Hope you had a great time in our big big city!!!!
    Many kisses and hugs!!!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  8. Φαίνεται ότι πέρασες όμορφα!! Τα παπούτσια της κοπέλας τέλεια πραγματικά!! Καλή εβδομάδα και καλή συνέχεια!

  9. αχ με έκανες να θέλω να ξαναεπισκεφθώ την Αθήνα, φωτογράφισες πολύ ωραίες λεπτομέρειες! x


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