No makeup day

Goodmorning everyone!
So here i am, just a few minutes ago without make up at all!
Actually i don't use make up in my everyday life!

I only use a light powder, a black eye pencil and red/purple lipstick in my nigh outs.
I've never use eye-linner, foundation, eye shadows and many more...

Even thought i have 3 full make up bags. 
Believe it or not, i've bought the 1/3 of my make up cause of their package!
I know it's stupid... but that's me!

I have a huge collection of red lipsticks!
I really love them!
Make up post is coming soon!
Have a nice day!


  1. You look very nice even without make up! You got very lovely eyes!:) Kisses!! xo

  2. Sophie,
    You look so cute even without make-up! As I get older, I don't wear much make-up. I have brown eyes so I always wear an eye liner, and I put on foundation sometimes. Happy New Year!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. You look amazing without makeup! You have lovely eyes! kisses chris

  4. Happy new Year Sophie! (Αχ αυτά τα κόκκινα κραγιόν!)

  5. Wow, you have the prettiest eyes! If I'm doing the "no makeup" look I usually always have to use a little concealer under my eyes as my dark circles are a sight to be seen...haha. You look amazing without makeup though! Happy New Year's Eve! xo

  6. I just love your hair <3
    Happy new year!!

  7. i'm wearing no makeup right now! thank you for every time you've stopped by my blog. xo

  8. so pretty!
    happy new year! best wishes!
    kisses :* :)

  9. thank u all for your lovely comments!
    happy new year everyone!

  10. So beautiful skin!
    I'd love to see what's your face care


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