Those little things that make me happy!

Christmas decoration!

 Macarons, jasmin tea and marshmallows! Some days these are all you need!

This is a Greek traditional alcoholic drink. 

New shoes!

New postcards for my collection!

My favorite cup!

Every night when i go to bed i love to read and write my plans for the new day!

Most of these little treasures are presents from my lovely friends, and that makes them more special for me.
Btw guess how much i paid for my new shoes! 
I'm going to tell you the real price in the next post!


  1. Really nice christmas decorations, love the candycanes, I'm so craving them right now. :)

  2. that Christmas tree is beautiful

  3. thank u all for your lovely comments!

  4. So many lovely things I see here. Your tree is very cute. And macarons so yummi. I love your cup very much too : ) I collect postcards as well : )


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