D.i.y. pillow gift box

Hello dear friends! How are you?
I apologize for not blogging for a whole week but it was a really hard week!
So here i am with a new tutorial that i really love!
A pillow gift box made of toilet paper!

B.t.w. yesterday i recieved these lovely washi tapes  that helped me decorate the pillow box.
Love them so much!

So these are all i used:
a toilet paper, washi tapes and every thing else you like to decorate your box.

You just have to flattten the roll using your hands/a ruller.
Push in every end of the roll (4) using your fingers.
Use washi tapes/glue to close the ends of the roll.
E voila!

That simple and so unique!
I chose to give a vintage essanse but you can decorate it in your way!

Hope you like it! 


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