Iniquitous Bath and Body review

Hello dear friends!
How are you?
I'm in a great mood cause yesterday morning i had a wonderful surprise!
I recieved a huge package from Ayaa.
Ayaa Khaled is the girl behind Iniquitous bath and body.

So... here is the content of these beautiful packages!
1) A blueberry muffins sugar scrab!

Both color and fragrance are oh so yummy! 
Totally muffiny! Totally sweet! The smell of the sweet blueberry muffins fresh out of the oven!
Actually one of my friends couldn't resist to try it's taste! hahahah! yeap i was so excited that i showed them to all my friends (boys and girls).

2) A nourishing milk bath!
It's so  hydrating and relaxing!

3) A blueberry muffins body spray!
Do you remember my last friday favorites post that i had included this body spray and i was wondering how could it smell like?
So... i finally found it out! It's absolutely unique! 

4) Five mineral eyeshadows.

You do have to try them out! 
I've never been that excited with my Bath and Body stuff! 
They are all so unique!
Want to find out more? Check the IQ shop here!
Have a nice day!


  1. Lol no eating the sugar scrub u guys :p

  2. Hi Sophie! You have been really spoiled! Look so cool and definitely curious to try them all! Kisses dear! xo

  3. Looks beautiful! Love the Packages :)


  4. Sophie,
    What a nice surprise from your friend. I love anything with blueberries. I would love to smell the body spray. It sounds so delightful, and I like scents that are different. Isn't it nice to get goodies?
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  5. nice post I love you products!

  6. thank you for the recommendations

  7. Hi dear, these produkts look great! I want to try those out! kisses chris

  8. looks very interesting! :)

    independent beauty blog by

  9. So nice!!!!
    These products seems very good!

  10. That blueberry sugar scrub looks lovely.=)

  11. Hello, thank you very much for your visit, did not know these products, not if if veneden here in Spain but will try to find them.

    Happy weekend

  12. these product are so interesting!

  13. thank u girls!
    your comments make me happy!


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