Deevoo review

 hello dear friends! how are you?
about a week ago i recieved a big package with 3 face care  products in normal size. 
The radiant trio.
melinda from deevoo send me them to try them out. 
deevoo are natural cosmetics, antiallergic, vegan friendly, without wax and fragrance. 

So the Radiant trio constituted by a radiant facial moisturizer.
This Moisturizer is perfect for any skin type! This is a light weight, non-greasy, fast absorbing formula and it can be used on sensitive skin around the eyes. Improve the tone and texture of your skin!!!

a Milky toner.

This is a wonderful balancing tonic for your complexion; skin is gently nourished with a hydrating formula, and natural levels of pH are restored to your skin with a splash of vinegar. This product helps your skin to function optimally by restoring balance to your face, warding off bacteria, and shedding dead skin cells at the proper rate so that pores are unblocked, and skin remains healthy. The Milky Toner will soften and exfoliate your skin, reduce red marks, and refine pore size... 
Actually (thank god and water) i have realy good skin without pores and blackheads, so i gave it to a friend of mine and she is really excited.

a creamy cleanser.
This Cleanser is better to use than any soap or face wash! It will gently loosen/remove dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells without disrupting the vital acidity of your skins pH levels. It also penetrates deep into skin dissolving blackheads, and cleansing pores without harsh, irritating "exfoliators" that can actually perpetuate and cause acne.
This is my favorite product. It removes makeup, makes a light scrub and leaves a clean feeling on the skin.

deevoo is also expert on acne skin, so if you have problems like this, you have to try tha acne trio
I've seen the customer's before and after photos and they must be really effective.

So if you need something natural with great quality, visit immediatly the DeeVoo shop and make your purchase with 10% discount using the coupon code: styleenmiopinion


  1. This stuff sounds great! And the improvement in the costumers skin is amazing. I will have to look at the website :)) Have a great day doll x

  2. They looks so good! Just curious to try them! Kisses dear! xo

  3. Oh wow!!! This is really great!!
    thank you sooo much for your nice comment, dear <3
    xoxo from Munich

  4. Good post, baci baci <3 ti aspetto da me per un nuovo post su

  5. These products seem to be really effective! The improvement in this girl's skin is amazing! #impressed

    Hope you are well!

  6. These products look so good!
    That 2nd photo is incredible!

  7. I love natural products - they are all I use anymore! I will have to check this brand out. I am in need of a new bottle of toner soon, so I think I may just pick this one up :-)

  8. Great beauty products and such a lovely review my dear!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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