Ready for summer vacations with handmade creations

Hello dear friends! How are you? 
This summer my vacations started up a little earlier, so since i didn't have the time to go shopping down town, i went in a craft bazaar. 
If you're also busy and have not much time for shopping, craft bazaars is a great solution cause you can find everything you need, just like handmade bags, jewellery, clothes, cosmetics e.t.c. in great prices. 
Also, in this way you support new designers and creators!
So here are some of my latest handmade shopping!


  1. Hi dear :) thank you so much for your lovely comment you left on my blog :)
    xoxo from Munich

  2. Gorgeous, love the eye earrings, so cool x

  3. perfect

  4. How cute, I like your handmade shopping!:) Kisses dear! xo

  5. Hello dear, as you may already know - GFC is shutting down - hope you can follow me now on Bloglovin' instead. Here's my link:
    Have a nice day :** <3

  6. Very nice clutch!

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