Christmas party!

Hello dear friend! How are you? 
Hope you're doing great! 
Bellow you can see some photos of my latest photoshoot. Actually it was not a profesional photoshoot, but a really fun one, using my good friend Daphne as a model, my jewellery, and my vintage wardrobe. The shoot became almost accidentaly in a really fun and christmas mood, in my new workshop. 

Isn't she adorable? 
Hope we also get you in a cheerful christmas mood. 
You can see the whole photoshoot here.
You can buy them here.
Which photo/necklace do you like most?
Waiting for your comments!

1 comment :

  1. These are amazing pieces doll!! Gorgeous!! I like the pieces in pictures , 7, 8, 9...but all of them are great!! But, those ones fit in perfectly with all that I wear!! You did a fantastic job...very talented!! Well done xx

    Kizzy The Dainty Dolls House


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