Beautiful morning!

Hello dear friends! How are you?
I'm in a great mood cause i had a really beautiful morning. 
At the beggining was my lovely neighbor Anna who gave me this limoge porcelain vase. She knows that i'm a vintage lover so she use to make me beautiful and unexpected gifts like this one. 
So my brushes found their favorite place!
 The second gift that i recieved at the morning, was the Glowbox. 
I made a surprise gift to myself , as the Glowbox is a way to recieve a box every month and discover all these treasures that contents. There are different products every month and you have no idea about them, until the time you open it. 
 So in my box there was a new flavor of the well known Liposan, an adorable Deborah nail polish, an Cowshed - English cosmetic company's hand cream, an Exelia day cream and eye cream. 
The best part is that i got all of them in a lovely box with only 12euros.
You can see the previous boxes and place your order here.
 Since i was in a great mood, i make myself my favorite milkshake instead of a cup of coffee that is my usual breakfast. It's a very simple, healthy and delicious milkshake. 
Just mix a banana, a glass of milk, cinamon and a little honey. 
 After all this is my happy face wearing my new acai&manzana Lipozan and my favorite pajamas.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. These are wonderful surprises doll, so lovely. And you look beautiful xx

  2. I love this blue vase and the green polka dot tea pot. The milk shake looks so good.

    You always have the cutest pictures of yourself on here Sophie.

    Have a fun weekend.


  3. My favorite piece of jewlery in your shop is the bronze chain and charms necklace it's so so pretty and cool

  4. Lovely pictures. I really love your hair :)


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