Insta photos + giveaway winner

Hello dear friends! How are you? 
So my giveaway came to end and i'm here to announce the lucky winner. 
Firstly i would like to thank u all for participating, to thank u for supporting me all those 4 years,and thank u for your lovely wishes as well. 

And the winner is Ray Ray Cartucci ( 
Congrats girl! 
The rest, don't despair cause more surprises are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Here is a collage i made with some of my favorite photos from my instagram account.
Hope you like it! 

Better days are comming. They are called Saturday ad Sunday!
Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. Oh wow.....I will be waiting for that email!!! THANKS SO MUCH

  2. Congrats to the lucky winner!
    Well done!
    And have a fab weekend!

  3. Wonderful images doll & congrats to the winner too :) xx

  4. Hi :) Thank you so much for visiting me, dear!!! <3
    Those pics and all stuff looks too cute!
    xoxo from Munich


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