D.I.Y. braided necklace

Hello dear friends! How are you? 
I'm in a really creative mood, as i'm preparing my summer collection that i'm going to show you later, but for the moment i would like to share a pretty simple and fun tutorial for the following braided necklace. 

What you'll need:
5 antique bronze elephant charms
7 jump rings
1 gold plated clasp
about 20 inches/50cm of: 
cream lace
pink velvet ribbon
 purple velvet ribbon 
and 3 kinds of chains.
Make a knot with the lace and the velvet ribbons. 
Hook the chains on the knot using a ring. 
Make 3 sets matching a ribbon with a chain and start braiding. 
That simple! 
When you come to end, connect the chains with the ribbons in the same way and cut the rest of the chains and the ribbons, leaving just some cm of one of the chains, so you can clip it with the clasp. 

Hang the 5 elephant charms. 
Et voila! 
Simple and impressive! Ready to wear! 

Extra tip: it also looks great as a headband!

Hope you like it and try it out! 
Have a wonderful day! 


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