Those little things that make me happy

I'm in a really creative mood lately, making the autumn-winter collection. 
Here you can see a sample of my collection. I kept the indie style using those autumn colors that i love so much. 
Btw which is ur favorite a/w color? 

You already know how much i love the hair accessories. This time i'm wearing a new braided headband that i made by myself. 

I recently recieved those amazing paintings. 
The first one is made by a really talented artist, Dimitris Iosif Stamos. 
You can see more of his great artwork here.
The second one is made by a little girl that i met at Santorini, where she bought two of my bracelets and made this painting for me. 
Both of them are making me really happy, so i put them at my bedroom, to make my mood every morning. 

Drinking the best mojito and eating candies. What more to ask from a bar?!

Yeah i love writing. Maybe it's not that obvious as i'm not a full time blogger, but i wish i had more time. 
Here you can read my new article about the new winter trend, that i wrote for provocateur magazine

Wish you all have a great week! 
Hope to see u soon! 


  1. These are so wonderful dear, adore the beaded pieces in the first picture with the bright colours and gold, those are stunning. You always look so beautiful too :) I hope your week has been great so far xx

  2. Oh Sophie, I really love your posts. You look so pretty in this picture with the braided headband. Is there anything more special than a child's drawing or painting? I can see why you put this in your room. Your jewelry is fantastic, and I have to say that the purple one caught my eye. And that bar picture with all the candy is so cool. I just love your pictures, Sophie. They are very soft and vintage looking, and so pretty.


  3. I love your collection! So far I dont have an autumn winter color for this season!!! I hope that the summer will last for a few more days :)

  4. love these colorful bracelets! kiss

  5. Love the little tassel bracelets - so cute!
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