TOMS flagship store

 Well most of you probably have at least a pair of TOM'S shoes. 
The californian brand, known for it's comfy espadrilles and it's philantropic work, has arrived to Thessaloniki with a unique concept store, that combines shopping and coffee.
We couldn't miss it, so here we are drinking the first coffee ever, which offers 140 litters of safe water to a person in need.

 TOMS Flagship store is a wonderful place, combining modern and folklore aesthetics, new vintage furniture and traditional carpets, which make you feel like home.
Except of your favorite espadrilles, you can also find sunglasses and bags, which are the new TOMS entry.
Don't miss to try the Verve juices, the Mastiqua water and the fresh sweets.
 So now you know where you are going to spend your first day off, and which are going to be your next shoes, glasses and bags, cause you always have to keep in mind the one for one that TOMS provide.


  1. Replies
    1. It is indeed doll! Don't miss it if you ever come to Thessaloniki ;)

  2. I'd love to visit this! I love Toms. I own 3 pairs now!x

    1. Oh so you're a really big fan! i have only one but i'm looking forward for my second! ;)


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