Mint & licorice homemade ice tea

 Hello dear friends! How are you?
Hope you have a wonderful summer time! 
Here in Greece, summer is really hot and i'm always looking for a special refreshing tea, besides the usual lemon, green and peach.
So last week i had a briliant idea that i would like to share with you. 
Even from my childhood, licorice candies, were my favorites. They have a very different taste in contrast  with every other candy. Recently i also learned about the health benefits of licorice, so what's best than an ice tea with mint and licorice for those hot days?
 What you'll need:
1,5 littre of water
3 bags of mint tea
5 slices of licorice root (not candies)
Then you just have to boil them for about 3 minutes. Clear the tea from the bags and roots. And finally freeze it as more as better. 
Serve in a high glass with many ice cubes.
Et voila! The absolut summer refreshment.

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  1. Looks really wonderful :)) Happy weekend lovely xx


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