Super easy wall hanging d.i.y.

Summer holidays have come to an end and it was about time to clear my luggage.
So between hats, swimsuits, and a lot of sand, i also found some forgotten summer treasures like stones, shells and seawoods. 
I had no idea why i carry them all that long, but once i saw that seawood, a super easy but still wonderful project came to my mind. 

So what about a wall hanging dreamcather?
All you need is just a seawood/driftwood, some metres of lace and some metres of glitter ribbon. 
Et voila!


  1. απλο, λιτο και ομορφο!!!!

  2. Love your wall hanging dream catcher, Sophie. And the colors are so pretty. : ) It looks good above your bed.


  3. Love the romantic air that it gives at this room!


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