Chunky wool

 On cold days like these, all we need is a cup of hot tea and a blanket. 
Sometimes i wish i could leave home with a blanket on my shoulders, in order to feel warm and comfy all the time. 
If you feel that too, the chunky wool trend is here for us!

 This winter it's all about textures and volume from home decor to fashion items. 
Chunky wool stuff is so fluffy, warm and stylish that no one couldn't resist. 
 Is there a prettier way to update your winter outfits?!
And what about that fluffy white blanket? Like sleeping on the clouds! 
Oh! i forgot to tell you the best about that trend! You can make your own scarf or blanket with your arms. So if you have time and pattience, please make one for me too! Lol!



  1. I just love this blankets!! I am trying to make one myself!! Lots of kisses!

    1. Αααα τέλεια! Περιμένουμε να το δούμε! :)

  2. την πρωτη ή τη δευτερη κουβερτουλα πλζ!!!! ποσο χουχουλιαρικη μοιαζει???

  3. This chunky blanket is so cool. It would keep me warm during those cold winter months.



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