How to avoid Christmas depression

Hello dear friends! How are you?
Christmas is coming and i'm really excited!
For me Christmas is always the most wonderful time of the year, but unfortunately not everyone is feeling like this. 
How to avoid Christmas depression
 Christmas is all about beautiful moments with friends and family, but when you're single or if you even study/work away of your home, Holidays look really ugly and you feel even more lonelyness.
So here are some beautiful ways to have joyful Holidays, avoiding Christmas depression. 

How to avoid Christmas depression
 1) Make presents: Making presents will cheer you up. 
Use as many colors, ribbons and other decorating stuff, as you can. This way you'll feel even more creative. 
Make unexpected presents! When you spread the love, love will come back to you again. 
Make a present to your neighbor, or even better to a homeless, or anyone who is in need on these holy days. 
But if you also love receiving gifts, you can make gift swaps with your lovely ones, or you can take part to several present swaps that many blogs are hosting. 
Here are some of my favorites:

How to avoid Christmas depression
 2) Cook: Well this maybe sounds silly to a housewife, but to someone like me who eats mostly raw food, cooking is a really creative time. Free your imagination and make a special Christmas recipe. 
Cooking can also be stress buster. Not to mention the beautiful smell that will fill the house. 
Every time i cook something, i feel really proud! Why don't you?
How to avoid Christmas depression
3) Go shopping for a reason : Well we all know that shopping is the best way to make your mood, but when you're a step away of depression, walking around the shops without a reason, is not going to help you. So try to set a goal, or make a wishlist and stuck on it.
Try to find the best jeans ever, or make a list with 5 things that you need for the new year. 
Having a plan will keep your mind away from bad thoughts. 
Focus on stuff that makes you happy!

Last but not least, try to find the Christmas spirit in you, and enjoy every little time. 



  1. Λοιπόν εγώ φέτος θα ήθελα να μπορούσα να πάρω την οικογένεια και να φύγω σε ένα εξωτικό μέρος..... βέβαια όνειρο είναι και όνειρο θα μείνει, οπότε τις συμβουλές σου θα τις λάβω πολύ σοβαρά υπόψη!!! Καλημέρα. Να έχεις μια όμορφη Κυριακή!

    1. Χριστίνα μου εύχομαι ολόψυχα το όνειρο σου να γίνει σύντομα πραγματικότητα.
      Καλημέρα και καλό μήνα!

  2. Very nice advice. For me Christmas is so magical, it is my favorite moment of the year ! Kisses :)

    1. That's wonderful Caro.
      So does for me too!
      Have a very happy holiday!

  3. Είναι πράγματι πολύ χρήσιμες οι συμβουλές σου Σοφία μου αλλά συνήθως πράττουμε κατά περίπτωση. Εγώ πάντως είμαι χαρούμενη με ότι έχω και το δουλεύω εκεί. Φιλιά & καλή εβδομάδα

    1. Σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ Χριστίνα μου!
      Εύχομαι να έχουμε όλοι τις πιο μαγικές γιορτές μακρυά απο κακές σκέψεις!
      Φιλάκια πολλά!


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