Help! Ioannis is here!!!

Omg! I do need your help! I don't know which one to pic!
I just met Ioannis Giamouridis, and i'm so excited with his job!
He is a shoes designer! All of them are handmade and so so so stylish!
Theese are some of my favorites!I love them all, and i would really like to know your opinion, so maybe you could help me to decide!

You can find more in his e-shop :


  1. I can only choose one??
    I am really drawn to the last pair, the bold animal print and small punch of red are wonderful!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Loipon! kathe mina i kellie {} kanei mia lista me onomata kai dieuthinseis, esy apla tis stelneis mail me ta stoixeia sou kai se vazei sti lista. as poume simera (1/10) mou esteile mia lista me 15 atoma apo olo ton kosmo! einai dwrean kai opoiadipote aporia exeis kalutera na rwtiseis tin idia. Isws prolavaineis na mpeis sto group tou octomvriou!
    perissoteres plirofories


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