A present from.....

This is my new Mark Jacobs bag!
It's a present from me to myself, cause recently i was in a very bad mood, so i decided to make something for myself: this bag is not in my wishlist any more!
I really love it so so much!
It goes with everything!

Oh! I'm also going for a mini trip, here in Greece, so maybe i wont post for this week! Please forgive me!
Have a nice day and a nice week! Kisses!


  1. Amazing bag! Have fun in Greece :)

  2. Gahhh! That bag is gorgeous! You are so incredibly lucky to own a Marc Jacobs Bag...

    I'm so jealous of all of your beautiful shoes, too! My favorite is definetely the last pair of black bow flats :)

    Enjoy your trip, we will all miss you!

  3. me geiiaaaa...telia tsadoula omws!!!!


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