Fall inspiration : Umbrellas

Umbrella is a must have accessori for autumn!
Personally hate rain, although for some reason, love umbrellas! 
Maybe because a stylish umbrella can make a rainy day looks better!
I also love umbrellas at jewellery, at paintings e.t.c

Oh! Almost forgot it! I just made my facebook page sofi moukidou jewellery!
Take a look! Hope you like it!


  1. dn maresei h broxh...mou xalaei thn dia8esh..

  2. Umbrellas are much needed here in England ! ;)

  3. kotitsa me too, alla ti na kanoume pou einai aparaithth! :(

  4. These are soooo cute! I especially love that necklace with the drops of rain! I love umbrellas too. Your blog is lovely!
    Which part of Greece are you from? (Your profile was in Greek script, which I can read a little of but not enough!) Hope you are having a nice day!

  5. latreuo tin vroxi k auto to mounto kairo!agapo sinepos k tis ompreles!auti pou epelekses einai api8ani,alla logika ka8olou praktiki!:P iperoxes omos oi pics pou epelekses!


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