You hou! One more award!

I want to thank Emelia from the sugar plum fairy for giving me this award!
It's the first award i recieve from Emelia and i'm very excited!
The rules are:
Thank and link back the person that awarded you
Write 7 random things about yourself
Spread the award to 15 other bloggers
1) I don't like to write about my self
2) I want to learn swing dance
3) My family have never read my blog, actually they hate technology
4) I would really like to have pink hair
5) From my childhood, my dream was to travel all over the world and sell my jewellery in the trains
6) At highschool i was in love with Emilios Hilakis (a greek actor), and i still believe he's one of the most sexy men in Greece!
7) Sometimes i love the whole world! Without a reason!

Now this award is yours:
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  1. Well done and thank you very very much!!!
    Kisses and hugs
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  2. great knowing these little things about you
    great post

    Always following
    The Dolls Factory

  3. Σε ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ που με σκέφτηκες!! Ροζ μαλλιά;; Why not!! Πάντως έχουμε κάποια κοινά!!Όύτε εμένα μου αρέσει να μιλάω για μένα!!
    Αν θες πάρε μέρος σε ένα giveaeay στην σελίδα μου!
    Καλό Σ/Κ!΄!!

  4. thanks polu sweetie gia to award! :D :D

  5. Oooh, is that Thessalonki where the Vikos gorge is? We almost went there on holiday in February but it seemed hard to get to so we went to Hydra, one of the Saronic islands instead. Thanks for visiting my blog. Am now following, so I look forward to seeing more!

  6. Awe, thank you sweet lady and congrats yourself!

    I actually want to learn to swing dance, too and would you believe that I actually had hot pink hair when I was a freshman? Crazy!

  7. Congrats!! Following. can you follow me back?

  8. Χαίρομαι που ενθουσιάστηκες τόσο :D Ήθελα από καιρό να σου δώσω βραβείο, οπότε αυτή τη φορά σε έβαλα πρώτη πρώτη!!! Κι εγώ θα θελα να έχω ροζ μαλλιά :) <3

  9. wow! sofaki, thanx gia to award kai congrats!
    swing dance, ha? ;) what are you waiting for? you know the right person for this;)
    see you soon!!

  10. wow! thanx koritsi gia to vraveio!!!!

  11. s euxaristw polu athinais mou!
    perimenw na vrw ligo eleu8ero xrono!hahahah! :p

  12. Hi Honey!!! If you Like Fashion, Food and Lifestyle come to visit my blog and if you like it..follow me !!! xoxo

  13. Thank you sooo much for the award sweetie!!!!

    Many many kisses

  14. sigxaritiria sofi mou!akomi perissotera sou euxomai!ego psifizo roz mallakia...eixa ana diastimata diafora perierga sto kefali mou!:P


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