Gift exchange!

Hello dear readers! How are you? I missed you so much! Hope you had an amazing Christmas time!
I apologize for being such a bad blogger theese days!
I was really busy, making jewellery. I had too many orders and bazaars!
 So, in my last bazaar, some of the creators, without any previous consultation, we started exchanging our handmade stuff! Maybe cause of the Christmas spirit!
Theese are my gifts! 
Love them all!
Thank u girls!!!
 Earrings - Erasmia's handcrafted jewels
 Retro card - Bloom Brothers
 Brooch - Anthi Eulogimenou
 Parfume - Maria fresh
Oh! By the way, did you make any gift exchange?
Did you write a letter to Santa? 
Wish you all a Happy New Year!
Many kisses!


  1. Happy new year Sophie! These are very pretty handmade items!!


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