Those little things that make me happy

Hello dear friends! How are you?
Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!
Here are some new little things that make my mood happy daily.

Last week i went to a bookstore bazaar and i bought the "Pride and prejudice" book.
It's a really famous book, but i've never read it or seen the movie. 
I also like it's cover paper.

My friend Angela gave me that mini notebook. 
As everybody knows, i'm obsessed in notebooks! I also love the presents without reason! It was like a mini surprise for me!
Washi tapes is also an other obsession! Wish i could have them in every color and print!

Yesterday i bought those butter cookies!
They are delicious and i love the package!

And here is one of my favorite Easter candle that i made!
Here in Greece we use to present those Easter candles to our friens and family. 
You can see the whole collection here


  1. Lovely things!
    I love this book, I've read it many times and I still enjoy it!
    Unexpected presents are the best things in the world!

    Hope you are good!

  2. Those are wonderful! I do hope you enjoy the book & then see the tv show movie with Colin Firth in it, then the re-make movie as I think they give different feelings from the book. Gorgeous items xx

    1. hahahah! wish i had the time to see all these moovies!
      i'm not that cinefan but thnx for your suggestions! <3

  3. Sophie,
    I am in love with that Easter candle! It's beautiful, and very unique. I've never read Pride and Prejudice either, but maybe someday... Since you like notebooks, you should start a journal, Sophie. I think you would really like it. Have a sweet day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. I wanna buy my first wasi tapes! love them too

  5. I really like books but that one I didnt read. I need to. Have a great day.

  6. Oh that little candle is lovely! I've never even thought to DIY one like that. Those danish butter cookies remind me of my grandmother - she used to have them all the time :-) So good!

  7. Hi Sophie! What an adorable stuff indeed! I like that book too, enjoy it:) Also the cookies seems very good, what an adorable packaging:) As well as the candle, a nice tradition in your country! Kisses dear! xo

  8. Τhese are some lovely things. Sending you love and I wish you are always happy!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  9. thank u all so much for your lovely comments!
    kisses! <3


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