4 office must haves

As every crafter's desk, there is always a mess on. So it's mine, and today i'm here to show you 4 of my favorite office stuff that keep my office as tidy as possible.
1. Wooden mail box
I got this mailbox recently from a craft bazaar. It's handmade of wood with decoupage technique. 
Till now my mails were spread around the office, so now i keep them all together in that beautiful box. 
 2. Pencil holder
This is my favorite mug. It's present from a friend and i thought that it's very stylish to keep it just for coffee, so i convert it in a pencil holder. 
 3. Washi tape's vase
Washi tapes are so adorable but i loose them all the time, so i thought that this candy vase, would be great as their new home.
 Diaries, notebooks and scetchbooks are more than usefull to me.
I have one in every room, as also in my bag, to write down every little idea/project that comes on my mind,.
Have you got any office organizing idea? I would be glad to hear it. 


  1. Love this ideas. I use old jewelry boxes for storing lipsticks and nail varnishes.

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  2. Μου άρεσε η κούπα σαν μολυβοθήκη! Θα το κάνω :)
    Τέλειο το ημερολόγιο- ατζέντα! Γιατί είμαστε και οργανωτικά κορίτσια <3


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