Autumn pastels

This season, we've seen pastel color's outfits more than any other autumn.
When i first saw them at designer's (Gucci, Michael Kors, Chanel e.t.c.)
 a/w collections , the truth is that i felt a little confused. 
Later i realized that using pastel colors in your autumn outfits, means increase summer clothe's life time, and this is very good as it saves us money and makes our mood. 
Another reason that i love that trend, is cause it makes you, use your mind and your fantasy to make the greatest combinations. 
So here are some ways to wear the pastels trend for fall and winter:
1. Use a bag/shoes/any other accessory to lighten your dark outfit. What about a dusty pink fur collar on your camel coat?!
2. Ombre dip-dyead outfits. Ombre had been a big trend for the last year and we used to see it on tops and dresses. This time we're going to see it on the whole outfits. Think about a dark blue coat, with a blue jeans and light blue vinyl heels. Eccentric, but so unique. 
3. Pastel winter coats. This winter coats look like plus size and stand over your shoulders. 
4. Combine pastel colors with autumn basic colors. These are my favorite color combinations: 
Burgundy & pink
Camel & light blue 
Gray & lilac
Bellow you can see some inspiring pastel a/w collages.


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