D.I.Y. chevron feather bookmark

Have you ever buy supplies without needing them, just because you liked them? 
It's something that happens really often to me. Sometimes it's just waste of money, but i usually try to make something creative with everything i have. 
Just like this chervon lace. Isn't it adorable? I first bought it to make some bracelets, but since i've many metres, i decided to make some wonderful bookmarks. 

What you'll need: 
16cm chevron lace
1 jump ring
2 terminals
1 feather
gold paint spray

Step 1: Paint the feather as you wish. I avoid to paint the whole feather and tried to keep white the top of the feather. 
Step 2: Put the 2 terminals at the ends of the lace.
Step 3: Hang the feather from the terminal, using your jump ring
That simple!

Hope you enjoy it! I'll be really glad to see yours!

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