Skinny vegan peanut butter oat bars

Hello dear friends! How are you?  
So this is maybe my first recipe post. I love cooking, but i usually eat fruits/toasts/stuff which doesn't need much preparation, as i'm always very busy. 
Yesterday afternoon, i felt a little hungry and i tried to make something with just what i had in my kitchen. And this is how those delicious peanut butter oat bars came out.

What you'll need:
1 cup of peanut butter
1 and a half cup of flour
1 cup of brown suggar
1 cup of almond milk
A half cup of cranberries, raisins and chocolate flakes
1 tablespoon of salt

It's a really easy recipe. I didn't use not even the  mixer. 
So at the beggining i mixed the peanut butter, the brown sugar and the almond milk in a bowl, using a spoon, to melt the butter. 
Then i added the flour and the salt little by little. 
At the end i added the oat, the cranberries, the raisins and the chocolate flakes. 
Put the mix in a baking sheet and bake it for about 25 minutes at 190 degrees.
After baking, cut them as you wish. 
Well actually, these are not the classic bars, like the ones that we get from the super market. 
They are really delicious and nutritious, but they are a little bit softer and more fluffy. 
They seem to be something between a bar and a cake. And this is exactly what makes them so yummy and special.
Oh! They also go great with earl gray tea!
Hope you'll try them out!


  1. Looks delicious :) M&MFASHIONBITES
    Maria V.


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