Coachella 2015 street style

Coachella is the bigest music and fashion event, It takes part once a year at Callifornia. 
Celebrities and fashionistas from all over the world visit coachella every year to set the new trends for the upcoming summer. 
So here we are to show you the key trends of the coachhella 2015. 
Well we all expected to see fringes, kimonos, backpacks, flower crowns and 70's sunglasses, as they are must have for the absolut festive style. 
What is new in coachella street style is:
-maxi floral dresses (as seen on Alexa Chung)
-total white outfit
-high waisted shorts
-normcore style
-arm party (bracelets is going to be our summer addiction)
-xl hats
-metalic temporary tatoos

What are you going to choose for your spring-summer outfits???


  1. Λατρεύω το boho style το καλοκαίρι...μακριά δροσερά αέρινα φορέματα, πουκαμισοφορέματα και καφτάνια είναι οι συνήθεις επιλογές μου! Καλή εβδομάδα!

    1. Καλη εβδομάδα κ σε σένα Χριστίνα! Μαλλον έχουμε ίδια γούστα! ;)


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