Crafter of the month: poua stories

There have been about 9 years since when i got started on making jewellery. Till now i've met many talented people from all over the world. Every crafter-designer has his own story, something to be said, something hiden behind his creations.
So i thought that it would be nice to make a monthly column with all my crafters friends.
I'm going to make the start with my new friend, Christina Alexiou who is the lovely girl behind poua stories. I first met Christina at a craft bazaar, where i was amazed by her creations.

Christina lives in Athens. Has studied in Graphic Design and loves to create uncommon collages illustrations. Her first steps in this devotion came when she was student. Then she decided to make her illustrations into a useful object, like clutches, pouches, bags, t-shirts. Everything created by the means of digital collage. Christina makes unique products and tries to keep everything in very small quantity. The brand name came from the inside part of her creations, as she always uses dotted fabric. Vintage photos, quotes of life, shapes, colors and textures are Christina's tools. She loves vintage style and always get inspired by people and their spirits. This season, Christina experiments with different adjustments to present her illustrations. 
Find Poua stories awesome creations on Etsy and Jamjar.
Wanna be the next crafter of the month? Just tag your insta pics with #styleenmiopinion, so i can find your creations. 

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