Those little things that make me happy

Hello dear friends! How are you?
Here i am again with those little things that make me happy. 
Or should i say, those creative friends that make me happy?!
Well the truth is that this post is dedicated to some of the most lovely people i've met. 
So let's introduce you them!
To happy tis mamas, is the first book of Maria Amanatidou. Is a really creative book  for young mothers with over 50 wonderful ideas to have some creative time with your children. 
Maybe i'm not a mum, but i love children and reading this book, i felt so happy, just like it's title. 
If you're a creative mum/uncle/just love children, i truly recomend it to you. 
Who doesn't love giving and much more, receiving gifts?! Easter is a great oportunity to exchange gifts, but if you have creative friends, as i do, then you're a little be luckier. 
What i'm talking about, is those 2 pair of cute easter egg earings that i recieve from the lovely Voula behind sweet stories creation and that polka dot little bag made of Tsagiero's magic hands.
Wish you all a wonderful Easter time! 


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