How to save money from your beauty routine

Hello dear friends! Hope you're doing great!
So, have you ever consider that you don't need all that beauty stuff?
Yeah i know, every woman needs to take care of her self and we really love cosmetics, but how about using just some natural products which can worthily replace your favorite cosmetics and can save you a lot of money?
Here are three of my favorite beauty products which come straight through from nature, and how to use them in order to save your money. 
Let's begin with an aloe facial cream.
Aloe vera is a wonderful product. It's perfect as a day cream cause it moisturizes the skin. 
But you can also use it as an after sun product. Especially if you have a sensitive skin, it's going to save you from sun burnings, photoallergies, e.t.c.
My second favorite product, which i use almost daily, is the almond oil. 
You can use it as a hair oil before washing. 
It's also a great cleansing product for face and eyes. It can even remove waterproof mascara and make up, leaving a moisturize skin and nourishing the eyelashes.
Last but not least, the beeswax salve is a product made for those difficult areas, such as elbows, knees, heels e.t.c.
It's also a great product for the stretch marks.
So these are all tricks for today. 
I'll be back soon with my favorite natural brands so stay tuned. 

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  1. This is super doll, love saving money and using natural products :)) xx


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