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clutch bag giveaway
Meeting brands like It's all greek on me makes you feel proud of being Greek and glad for being blogger. 
So last week i had the chance to visit the itsallgreekonme showroom and meet Irene Halkia, one of the 2 designers behind It's all Greek on me. 
You all know my addiction in bags, so visiting this showroom, i felt  like being in heaven. 
So let me introduce you Irene Halkia and It's all Greek on me, through a mini interview i got for you.

greek designers
 -How It's all Greek on me started?
-Our love about fashion was the driving force to start a business like this, as also the crisis of Greece which is not only economical, but also cultural. So we wanted to make a Greek brand, showing the everlasting value of Greece. 
-Which are the materials that make you stay out of the crowd?
-We only use Greek materials, as canvas for the summer collections and felt for winter collections.
-What inspires you?
-All our designs are from the cultural heritage of our country. When famous designers like Galliano, Dolce Gabbana and many more, make whole collections inspired from the ancient Greece, how couldn't we. 
-Which are the colors of your winter collection?
-Winter colors like black, burgundy, chaki, camel. We generaly love natural colors. 
-Which are your dreams from now on?
-To make Greek fashion a statement, as there are too many young and talented designers that make great job. 
-Are you hopeful for the future of the Greek designers?
-Due to our current political situation, it's really difficult to be hopeful, but we can't stay inactive, having a cultural heritage like this. 
We have to make Greece "in fashion" through fashion. 

handmade bags

it's all greek on me
 So as promissed here, we are giving away the clutch bag of the first photo. 
All you have to do is to follow the steps bellow. 
As many steps you follow, as more opportunities you have to win. 
The giveaway is international and ends by 2/11/2015. 
Good luck everyone!
it's all greek on me bags

clutch bag giveaway
See more of It's all Greek on me amazing bags here and like the facebook page for more news and designs.


  1. Πολυ ομορφες δημιουργιες!

  2. Oh Yes, I would love a chance to win this Greek clutch, Sophie, especially since I am part Greek myself. : ) It's such a cool bag.

    I'm not on facebook, but I hope this comment will do.

    Have a lovely week, dear friend.

    love, ~Sheri

  3. Υπέροχη η δουλειά της Ειρήνης πραγματικά!!! Ευχαριστούμε για το giveaway και την Ειρήνη και εσένα Σοφία μου. Καλή εβδομάδα :)

  4. Είχα δει τα υπέροχα κομμάτια της Ειρήνης πέρυσι στο AXDW. Ευχαριστούμε κορίτσια για το giveaway. Σπεύδω να το προωθήσω και να λάβω μέρος. Καλημέρα!!!

  5. Καλησπέρα!Φοβερή τσάντα, υπέροχο δώρο!Good luck!

  6. Poly omorfos fakelos!! Tyxeros o nikitis! :-)


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