What to wear now: Wide pants and sneakers

October is coming to an end and we have all returned to our jobs, schools e.t.c. 
So once our every day life is full of obligations and we are always in hurry, this trend is going to save us. 
Wide pants and sneakers are going to be our autumn best friends. Can you thing of anything more comfy and stylish?
wide pants and sneakers

Both pants and sneakers are things that we all have somewhere in our closet. 
So firstly it's economical. It's not just another trend which is going to blow up in some months. 
We are talking about two basics which we were just using to wear them in different ways. 
wide pants and sneakers
 Here my friend Savina is making a wonderful mix with purple pants, sneakers, backpack and beanies which make the difference.
wide pants and sneakers
 Large tote bags are also great with this look.
wide pants and sneakers
 Your cashmere sweater will give a luxury essence on the outfit.
wide pants and sneakers
So all you have to do, is to find your favorite adidas/new balance/any other sneakers and "steal" your tuxedo's pants. 
P.s. don't miss the It's all Greek on me clutch bag giveaway. After all this clutch bag goes with everything! 

Photos from Pinterest 


  1. Love that trend! Sneakers for me!

  2. Great post I like to see photos to get inspired

    1. Thanx Pauli!
      You are welcome to see my everyday posts!

  3. In love for the first inspiration! *---*

  4. Wow, I need me some of these pants. This is a great trend, I wasn't a massive fan of the white sneakers for a while. But this looks great. Classy and sleek.
    E x


  5. Love these pants! btw I enjoy reading your blog, maybe you might enjoy mine :)



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