My girls wearing SMJ

evil eye necklace
Hello dear friends! How are you? 
I'm in a really busy period, trying to finish my winter collection, making custom orders and many many more. 
So here i am once again, to show you my favorite girls wearing SofiMoukidouJewels
You all know how much i love those photos. That smile which come so suddenly on my face every time i recieve a photo from you wearing my creations...
I really want to thank u all so so much for that support.
You know, every time that i'm making a jewellery, i try to have a potential buyer on my mind. I make an image from the perfect outfit to the personality of that woman, so when this creation, becomes a part of you, images are more than any word.
leaves necklace
Today we can see several types of woman. From the urban bussines woman to the charming happy  girl next door.
From the mini black dress/shirt for a more bussines look, to african style dress for a festival look. 
geometric rings
Find your own style at SofiMoukidouJewels
and don't forget to send me your pics!
vinyl necklace

love bracelet

african necklace
Have a wonderful week!


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