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Hello dear friends! How are you? 
I had a great week, and it became even better when i recieved a huge gift from Soma Soaps
So as you already know, i only use natural products and i love meeting natural cosmetics brands.
Soma Soaps is a local brand from Thessaloniki, with natural cosmetics that have made internationals collaborations. So i couldn't wait to try them all. 
Here is my review:

natural body butter
1) Orange body butter: The truth is that i have never tried a body butter like this and this why Soma Soaps body butter has no water added, instead with any other butter, it's full made of oils like avocado oil, coconut oil, slmond oil and sesame oil. That makes it really rich, moisturizing and great for those cold days.
Another benefit, according it's rich formula, is that you need to apply a small amount, so you'll keep it for long.
Oh! Not to admit, the great orange perfume!
natural lip balm
2) The lip balm: Another product full made of natural oils which is going to keep your lips moisturized with a soft smell of green tea and bergamont. 
antiage oil
3)Antiage face oil: Firstly i would like to say that it's the first oil i ever use, cause i always believed that oils are not for me.
This oil totally changed my mind. It's easily absorbed and leaves the skin super soft and moisturized. It can also be used for the eyes area. It leaves a soft Geranium smell.  
soma soaps
4) The Salvador Dali soap: What i love about Soma soaps, is that they look way more different than any other natural soap. That's cause they've found a formula making colorful designed soaps, using only natural ingedients, without any glycerin (which i personally hate). 
This soap has a really rich texture and a wonderful orange smell. 

Well honestly i loved them all and i really thank Soma Soaps for this amazing gift. 
I'm certainly going to buy some gift packages for Christmas presents. 
If you love natural cosmetics, you have to try Soma soaps, as they are also in great prices. 
Find more awesome natural products here.


  1. δεν τα ηξερα καν, οποτε μια χαρα που μας τα συστησες. λατρευω και εγω τα φυσικα προιοντα οποτε παω να τα δω :)

    1. I'm really glad that you use natural cosmetics Zina! They are so good for your skin, especially Soma Soaps are maybe the best i've tried!



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