What to wear now: Pleated skirt

The pleated skirt used to be our school time nightmare. It used to be that preppy skirt we had to wear in every formal occasion. 
This winter the plated skirt makes a huge comeback in the most stylish and sexy way ever. 
We saw it on Gucci, Valentino, Celine, Guy Laroche and many more catwalks. 
It's also a trend that will surely continue for the upcoming spring and summer.
So try to find one with neutreal colors, in order to be all season wearable.
Get more credits by choosing a metalic pleated skirt. Maybe the most impressive piece of this winter. 
Metalic skirt

Did i say skirt? Well actually, you can now find pleats everywhere! 
What about this black velvet cape?

pleated trend
 Wear two trends in one piece: Pleated cullote. What more to ask?
pleated cullote
 One of these old school pleated skirts, worn with a turtleneck sweater. Sometimes all time classics, and total grey, look more stylish, than you could ever believe. 
pleated trend
Unexpected color combination! Burgundy and pastels is a wonderful combination. 
Pleated skirt
 For the end, i got you another metalic pleated skirt. 
As you noticed, this is going to be my next purchase.
pleated metalic skirt
My love for pleats is pretty obvious as you can see at these previous posts here and here.
What about you? Are you going to follow this trend?
Maybe it's time to make a closet search. 


  1. Great selection ! Very inspiring :)

  2. Υπέροχες επιλογές! Οι πλισέ φούστες πάντα μου έδιναν την εντύπωση της θηλυκότητας θυμίζοντας μου τις χολυγουντιανές βαμπ της δεκαετίας του 50

    1. Ευχαριστώ Χριστίνα μου! Αυτή την εκδοχή δεν την είχα σκεφτεί. Σίγουρα πάντως είναι ένα άκρως θηλυκό κομμάτι.

  3. I like the metallic skirt. What a great find. The cape was very visually interesting. It is a sure statement piece. Pleats are such a feminine design staple. I have been thinking lately about adding a pleated skirt to my wardrobe. This post really makes me want to go ahead and just do it.


    1. Oh Sharon hank u so much for your lovely comment!
      I'm really glad that you liked my selection and waiting to see your new pleated skirt!

  4. When did pleats become so fab? I love all your selections.

    1. Thanx Amalia!
      I always loved them, but lately they've been my stylish addiction.

  5. The orange colored pants made me smile. We used to call them the gaucho pants, and we wore them all the time. : )

    Happy November, Sophie.


  6. δε ξερω αν μου αρεσουν γιατι οπως λες μου θυμιζε τη ποδια του σχολειου! χαχαχαχα και βασικα βαριεμαι να τις σιδερωνω! αλλα μου αρεσει η φουστα να εχει εστω και μια πιετα...αλλη θυληκοτητα!

    1. Pleats are women's best friends, and girls's nightmare. Hahaha

  7. Είχα πλισέ φούστα στα νιάτα μου και ήταν η αγαπημένη μου. Τώρα μάλλον θα βαριόμουν να τη σιδερώσω όπως λέει και η Ζήνα. Μου αρέσουν πάντως πολύ! Φιλάκια!!


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