How to afford fashion blogging

After your requirements, this post is dedicated to all those broke girls who love style and fashion and are wondering how to afford fashion blogging. 
how to afford fahion blogging
Posting outfits on regular basis, can be a huge expence. So there are many people out there, who even if they have the style and the knowledge, they don't have enough money to make a successful fashion blog, so here are some tips to follow: 

1.Handmade: Handmade stuff use to be very affordable but still really stylish and unique. Try to make something by yourself, or support new designers who make great job. 
I've always been loving young designers, cause everything is unique and can even make you a custom design. 
P.s. i made this is a great example of a successful blog concerning handmade and fashion. 

2. Invest on basic pieces. Once you've made a collection out of famous brand's basic clothing, then you can make several combination using them as base. The only thing needed, is fantasy. 
A midi skirt, a shirt, a little black dress, a cashmire coat, trousers, jeans, high heels and sneakers are just some of the basics. is another success story of a blogger who has only 37 pieces in her closet. Can you even believe this?

3. Collaborate with brands: Brands love fashion bloggers and i truly believe that bloggers can advertise brands's products, better than anyone. 
So try to connect with brands that you really love and admire and ask for freebies in order to make an outfit post. 

4. Be yourself: Be confident about your blog and your style. There are several bloggers, born rich and blogging is just a way to spend their time and show their purchases. 
Once you're not like this, face it and try to make your own unique style. Stop trying to copy outfits with many likes. The only way to make your own audience, and succeed is to be unique. 
Who can overlook the irresistable style of Sussie Bubble?


  1. I don't think you really need to spend much at all. I started my blog back in February and have only purchased a handful of items. I would have purchased them even if I wasn't blogging so it can definitely be done. Just get creative with your styling.


    1. Exactly Violet! All you need to afford fashion blogging is fantasy and creativity.
      Thnx for commenting!

  2. Νομιζω ειναι καθαρα θεμα τι θες να προβαλεις προς τα εξω... την αποψη σου για τη μοδα ή κατι πιασαρικο? προσωπικα μου αρεσει να διαβαζω blogs που μπορει ενα συνηθισμενο κομματι να το προσαρμοσουν εντελως φυσικα επανω τους και να δειχνει υπεροχο! και οχι το στημενο...

    1. Πολύ σωστά Ζίνα μου. Το προσωπικό και μοναδικό στυλ του καθενός είναι το παν.

  3. i forgot to admin the value of vintage clothing!
    make a visit to your mum's closet and maybe you'll find a little treasure in.


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