Take your style vitamins!

When i see something orange, fruits and vitamins come to my mind. 
Lately i see many orange bags and even if orange had never been favorite color for me, i've changed my mind, since i discovered that trend. 

 The orange bag, believe it or not, is the new tote-safe bag. Here are some reasons why:
-An orange bag gives a color splash in a solid color outfit. 
-The orange bag is all weather. 
- Are you wearing colorful prints? An orange bag is going to take off your outfit (see the photos above).
-Orange goes great with blue, taba, white, pink, purple, beige and many other colors.

How do you feel about that trend? Are you going to follow it? 
Wanna get it a step further? 
Buy my new ethnic style orange statement necklace, for an absolutelly impressive outfit. 
Find it here.
P.s. Don't forget your style vitamins! Put something orange on you!


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