The new jewellery trend- spool necklace d.i.y.

spool necklace
After a small research that i made on web, as also at local stores, i found out that spools are the next big thing on handmade jewellery. 
I first used spools last Christmas, for some lucky charms, and since then i started thinking that they would be also great as jewellery supplies.
So today i made these easy as pie, souper cute necklaces.

diy spool necklace
What you'll need:
old wooden spools
fabric washi tape
lace ribbon
red white ribbon
lace spool
For the first necklace, roll the lace over the spool, leaving about 2cm. Sew the back front of the lace. And put it on a gold chain. 
The wooden spool and the cream lace give a vintage essence on the necklace. 
For the second one, just roll the fabric tape on the spool, and put it on a ribbon that you like. 
spool necklace
As i said, they are souper easy with cheap materials (most of them are surely somewhere in your drawers), but still very cute. 
Make your own now and wear to impress. 


  1. A cute project, Sophie, nice of you to share.

    1. thank u Amalia!
      Have a wonderful week!
      p.s. don't miss my new giveaway!


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