My girls wearing SMJ

Hello dear friends! How are you? 
Hope you had a great weekend! 
I'm really glad cause i keep on recieving your pics with my jewellery. It makes my day recieving pics like these, cause i really like to see how you wear them. 
This time, except of my girls, you are also going to see some of my jewellery exposed at some of the most expensive boutique's windows. 

 My re-vintage tassel necklace made  of a vintage silver belt. 

 My leaves necklace, at Porta12 boutique
 My twisted cord and feathers necklace at Sloane boutique.
My colorful twisted cord bracelets, cheering up an autumn outfit.
My boho coins necklace, wearing all weather. 

Find more creations at Sofi Moukidou Jewels and don't forget to tag me with @sofimoukidou and #sofimoukidoujewellery .
See you tomorrow. 


  1. Lovely creations ! These bracelets are very cute. Kisses :)

  2. υπεροχα και τοσο boho!


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