Those little things that make me happy

Hello dear friends! How are you? 
Here i am with those little things that make me sooo happy!
And i'm going to begin with my new X-mas lucky charms. 
Is there something better than listening to Christmas songs and making colorful creations that going to bring luck in every house?!

Next thing that make everyone happy is presents!
These are some of the presents that i recieved from my lovely sponsor brands. 
 A wonderful fur Teller backpack, that i'm wearing all the time, making all my friends so jealous. 
 And a super cute Le mouton bleu blouse, great for cold days like these. 

Partying with friends, is another thing that makes me feel so glad and special. 
I had a birthday party last week and it was maybe my best party ever. I feel really thankful to have such good friends.
 Last weekend i had an unexpected announce by ΜΜΣΤ. 
Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art chose my creations to be featured at their annual Christmas Bazaar.
It was a really big honor and i feel really lucky to collaborate with museums like this.
Here are some pics of my creations and other exhibits. 

What makes you happy right now?


  1. These lucky charms would make anyone happy, they are adorable :-)

    1. Oh thank u so much my dear!
      Have a wonderful week!

  2. How cute are these lucky charms? And your jewelry are amazing, I love them!

    1. Thank u so much! I'm really glad that you like them!

  3. I have one thing to say: you are so talented!

  4. Λοιπόν έχουμε κάνει παρόμοια γούρια! θα δεις και τα δικά μου σε προσεχή ανάρτηση!

  5. Και του χρόνου Σοφάκι μου να είσαι καλά να ξαναφτιάξεις υπέροχα γούρια. Χιλιόχρονη και για τα γενέθλια σου!

    1. Σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ Χριστίνα μου! <3

  6. τα γουρακια τα ειδα και στο φσβ και τα λατρεψα! υπεροχα ολα!

  7. Now find all the new collections here


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