10 autumn must haves

1. Culotte: it's the new midi skirt. It looks great with crop tops, high sandals, or even with biker jackets to make it less preppy. 
Culotte is a really impressing piece, but it's only appropriate to skinny legs.

2. Strap flats: a gorgeous trend from the past which made a hot comeback. Great choice for everyday autumn outfits. Wear them with skinny jeans, shirt dresses and midi skirts. 
Maybe the only flats which look so sexy!
3. Printed tote bag: Prints is the clue of this autumn/winter. 
 Wear it with a total black outfit for a safe choice, or better mix it with other prints for an even more impressive look.
4. Burgundy tassels: what more to say about that? The absolut winter color. The perfect way to leave home even with a white tee, and still look so fabulous.
5. Fur: a last winter trend which continues impressing us, as there are so many different styles and textures. An investment that is going to give you many credits.
Of curse we're against animal cruelty, so choose only faux fur please!
6. Oxford's flatforms: Flatforms is a huge trend for the last years, as it's finally time for women to feel comfy and stylish in the same time. 
I really love them and hope to keep that trend for many many years. 
Wear them with tweed pants for a more sophisticated look.
7. Embroidered top: this is a wonderful piece that comes from the late 70's. I love those tops cause they are a great camvas for several looks. 
Wear it with printed jeans for an absolut boho-folk style. 
Wear it with a mini skirt for a girly-romantic style. 
Wear it with black bra, velvet maxi skirt and chocker necklace for a victorian style.
8. Printed flare jeans: another piece that come straight through from late 70's and reminds us those nostalgic and carefree season. 
Wear it with a printed top for an absolut folk look, as also with suede kimono/tops.
9. Suede crop top: i've always been loving suede much more that any other leather and this year finally justifies me. 
Suede leather tops/kimonos/backpacks. The choice is yours! Just keep it simple with your favorite jeans and silver jewellery.  
10. Ethnic prints cape: like it came straight through from an aztec civilization. 
The ethnic cape is going to keep you warm and stylish for every cold winter day. 
Goes great with brogues, biker boots and leggings. 
Once it gives an extra volume at the top, avoid wearing it with flare jears/maxi skirts and try to keep it simple and skinny at the bottom. 

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  1. Υπέροχες επιλογές! 2,3,4,6 και 7 είναι και δικές μου επιλογές. Καλή εβδομάδα και καλή συνέχεια


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